The Big Bad Wolf

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If you have spent more than fifteen minutes on the Internet, you know that Google is the big bad wolf that everyone either loves to love, or loves to hate. Google is blamed for the loss of revenue for many newspapers and online media sources. NewsCorp, the company that owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, amongst others, is considering withdrawing it’s articles and webpages from Google, a process known as de-indexing.

So why is NewsCorp threatening this potentially harmful move? They derive no revenue from being listed in Google, or any of the other search engines. In a time when newspapers’ circulation are daily dropping, there is a major concern for revenue. Bing, a search engine created and backed by Microsoft, is thinking of offering NewsCorp money in order to index their articles exclusively. This would serve a major purpose–bringing in revenue to their media outlets, which are in desperate need of a new revenue stream. It would also serve to decrease NewsCorp’s possible readership, though, since Google is the dominant search engine on the Internet.