Dunkin’ the Times

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Something about reading the newspaper and eating donuts just goes together, doesn’t it? Well, the people at the New York Times marketing department agree and have acted on that idea. The New York Times has struck a deal with Dunkin’ Donuts to have video news clips from the NYT streamed into 850 Dunkin’ Donuts locations. The televisions in those stores will broadcast NYT coverage, which the NYT marketing department hopes will result in more customer interest in the NYT.

Times Co. has been seeking new sources of revenue as circulation and advertising sales continue to slide. The New York-based publisher will begin charging for some Web content next year.

The screens will rotate business, movie, technology and health news, among other New York Times content, he said. About 20 percent of the advertisements will be for New York Times subscriptions or other products, Gaylord said.

We’ll see if this deal pays off for the New York Times.