The Billionaire Matador

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To anyone who knows something about soccer or Formula One racing, it will not come as a surprise that Red Bull is getitng into the media industry. Red Bull is an international energy drink company, but the billionaire owner, Dietrich Mateschitz is not interested in being painted into a corner. He is a man who wants to have fun and make profits. Thus far, he’s proven he is adept at doing both. This article paints a picture of a man who wants to have fun and build a profitable empire–with two soccer teams, a Formula One racing team, TV shows, and many other enterprises.

Now he’s set his sights on media. On May 15, subscribers to the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, and New York Daily News found a magazine called Red Bulletin inserted in their Sunday papers. The 98-page glossy features a cover story on San Francisco Giants ace Tim Lincecum, as well as pieces on Bob Dylan, graffiti art, and Russian BASE jumper Valery Rozov. Billed as “an almost independent monthly,” the magazine is a product of Red Bull Media House, a subsidiary media company launched in Austria in 2007 that expanded with a Los Angeles outpost this January.

The way Mateschitz comes across in the article, he sounds like the kind of guy you want to be friends with–and not just because of his exorbitant fortune. He thinks outside the box, he likes to have fun, he’s a seemingly funny guy. Red Bull now has employees in 161 countries and is still an incredibly profitable business, with the energy drink being consumed by millions.